June 13 - June 27 / 10 - 11 a.m. @

Edmonson County Public Library - Tech Room


Summer reading 2019

Calendar for Summer Reading Events

Summer Reading Kickoff!

Thur. June 13th @ the library

The Masterson's / Illusionists

Space Bottles Craft and Space Pics

 Tues. June  17th @ the library 

Space Bottles with Space rocks & stars

Pictures of the kids in a Rocket

Ventiloquist and Sundae Bar 

Thur. June 19th @ the library

A Ventriloquist Act for the Kids

Ice Cream Sundae Bar w Toppings

Science Lab

Tues. June 25th @ the library

A Science Lab for the Kids

Summer Reading Finale

Thur. June 27th @ the library

Lots of Pizza and Prizes to give away


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